Sunday, August 8, 2010

West Texas = "Texas Concentrate"

Texas is as unbearable to drive through as it is easy to stereotype. I grew up thinking the ingredients of Texas were cattle, rodeos, open range, firearms and old men who drop the pronoun "Sumbitch" as often as they can fit it into a sentence.
Fort Stockton is located South of Midland and sums up West Texas pretty concisely. Ranching, railroad jobs, oil fields and Texas stereotypes of all manner. Wide streets lined with white super duty pickup trucks on the good side of town, small homes with one foot in the grave on the other. In the center rather large Fort Stocktonites gather at the big ass Walmart. Spiders are also bigger in Texas, this little fellow below was spotted from a half block away crossing a side street.
West Texas is definitely off the beaten path. Much of it is miles away from the Interstate and accessible by long solitary drives of epic magnitude. While I complain about miserable long trips I'll be the first to recommend a miserably long trip to anyone.

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