Sunday, August 8, 2010

South of the Border

As I drove South along I-95 the billboards began right after Fayetteville, NC. Billboards that promised cheap gas, delicious food and ample motel rooms grew in intensity as I approached Dillon, SC's very own South of the Border.
In the 1950's Alan Schafer created a beer stand South of the Border. What was once a small, no frills roadside store has evolved into a large, no frills roadside monstrosity. Schafer's beer stand added gasoline, fireworks and for short while baby alligators to their inventory. Today it's easier to list what you can't find while shopping South of the Border. Anything good.
As I entered the South of the Border cantina I immediately realized this was as close to time travel as I'd likely get. Aging vinyl booths, uncomfortable plastic chairs and extremely cheap ash trays pressed out of tin. It is now that the inherent charm becomes painfully clear, this may be one of the last places I will be forced to pay cash to get the option to smoke while dining on styrofoam wrapped poorly crafted fast food.
South of the Border... It's been real, I'll make fun of you, laugh at your tacky excess, but you and I both know when I'm in need of a 12 pack, a tank of gas and firework novelties there's nowhere I'd rather go.

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Pete said...

Don't forget Ben Bernanke once bussed tables at South of Border.