Wednesday, July 15, 2009

San Diego: A Hotbed of Perfection

San Diego. An abrupt departure from Arizona's formidable dust, this place is uncomfortably perfect. The average San Diegan spends an impressive amount of time outdoors, they just don't realize it because the inside and outside have blended into a mix of perfect that is hard to discern. Shopping, dining and drinking take place in a hybrid environment of sunshine, hallways, ocean breezes and wild birds.
Won't find many angry people here, it works like AT&T Rollover Minutes. With each day comes the same perfect weather, smooth running public transit, innovative fast food solutions...
Low stress allows for this excess of good times to carryover until needed during tax season or for a unexpected trip to Tulsa.
I traded my Nielsen business cards for a NEA conference badge and settled in for the combination of sightseeing, seafood and education based democracy.
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson spoke about the importance of funding education. Teachers rallied against adopting performance based pay, after arguing over how to define it. Former Vermont Governor, Doctor, Democratic Party chairman, Presidential hopeful, and infamous screamer Howard Dean promoted his book about how to fix healthcare. Manny Ramirez returned after a 50 game suspension, apparently baseball was played, I found $2 huge draft beers by way of the black market Petco Field beer trade.
San Diego reminds me of the cover of Sim City 4, municipal perfection that borders on impossible to make when you play the game yourself. A little bit of this makes up for a whole lot of what comes next.

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Erin M. Miller said...

I love Gov. Bill Richardson!! I talked to his office when New Mexico loaned Illinois flu vaccines, and then we ended up not needing them.