Monday, April 20, 2009

Understanding The Bible Belt

 The Bible Belt, a band of real estate that prides itself in being more religious than you are.  While the Bible certainly doesn't have a monopoly on morality you wouldn't know it while driving down the back roads and side streets of God's Country.  While struggling to find a place to eat that is open on a Sunday the 'Jesus Saves' signs seem to be the only things in this town not in need of a coat of paint.  

Mildred isn't cooking any vittles on the Lord's day, seems like all I've got is the usual chain places by the interstate.  Maybe the interstate is the way to go, these small town folks seem to have angry loose dogs, a distrust of out of towners and signage with a frighting font.  

I've been spotted driving with my out of state plates by the tinfoil hat types.  They inform me that I'm a long way from home, dislike me driving around and offer to pray for me.  Only here will you find the act of praying for someone used in an aggressive and hostile manner.   The majority of the people I find are really nice, I just hope they're nice people by their own accord.  After spending time in this area I get a feeling some of the friendly types are only that way because the Bible tells them so.  

The front yard decorations are key tools in advertising ones righteousness.  This progressive household displays the black jesus standing in a nest of woodchips and sandstone.

The game plan for Sunday seems to be getting right again, hitting up Walmart and going home.

Religion is all well and good, but in an environment that shoves it down your throat they seem to be preaching the wrong message.  Won't be finding many Unitarian churches down here.

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