Thursday, February 5, 2009

Regional Chain Review: Captain D's

I've always lived by a simple rule that fast food seafood was a dish best not served at all.  Long John Silvers and I haven't been on very good terms ever since the Summer of 2001 at Spring Hill Mall in Dundee.  Fast forward seven and a half years... I broke my word and chanced the catch from a drive-thru that resembles a sea shanty.First, it must be understood that Captain D is indeed a Captain.  Not Deckhand D's or anything of that sort.  Second, and this is a big deal... Captain D's scored a unheard of 100.5% on the North Carolina sanitary test for commercial food service kitchens.  If there ever was a time to brave the fast food fishes it would be at a kitchen that earns extra credit.  Plundered from the depths of the sea only to be flash frozen, breaded and dropped once again to the bottom of the Captain's deep fryer... This meal was a unsettling tan in color.  Everything was extremely deep fried and there was enough of it to feed a navy.  After this seafood delight I'll be good waiting 15 years until I chose to indulge once again.  I will stick to dining in establishments that refrain from serving through a window and offering kids meals.  The kind with atmosphere, service, chowder and iced tea.

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Erin M. Miller said...

I must say the Dairy Mart in Huntley has a really good fish fry. What happened at Long John Silver's in 2001??