Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Regional Chain Review: Bar-B-Cutie

Nashville isn't on the way to Chicago when traveling from North Carolina.  I know this and with a Geography degree I'm qualified to know this.  As a Nielsen surveyor I also know that Nashville is delicious, two years of being very familiar with a menu more than qualifies me to make the generalization that the South knows how to eat.  
Being that gas was paid for and that Tennessee roads are virtually pothole free I made my way to Nashville's Northeastern corner, one of my homes away from home.  For over 3 glorious months I lived on the Elm Hill Pike near the Donelson Pike.  The best barbecue is Jack's on Broadway along Music Row, the easiest is Bar-B-Cutie.
The sad truth is that as a typical American consumer I often find myself wanting some beef brisket, a steak sandwich and/or a dangerous amount of pork.  A trip to Jack's requires finding a downtown parking spot, walking, line waiting, walking again, sitting and finally enjoying the finest in slow cooking the South has to offer.  The folks at Bar-B-Cutie streamline the process to pulling into the parking lot, dodging the elderly that can be found dining from dawn till dusk, shouting an order at the sign, pulling forward to snatch the bag with a rolling stop.  Why anyone goes to the Jack in the Box across the street is a mystery to me.  

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