Friday, February 13, 2009

Paradise Park Trailer Resort

As I drive home to Illinois and make the transition from employed to barely working I move from red soil to black dirt.  On the first day I went from Yadkinville, North Carolina to Nashville, TN. I can think of no place better to adjust to a lower standard of living than...
Yessir, the Paradise Park Trailer Resort is a local institution.  While some bars enjoy outlandish themes or posh trappings the resort keeps things low key.  An aging Camaro doubles as a bench, Astro Turf absorbs the spilled beer while vintage console TVs serve as end tables.  They have an endless number of beers on tap but everyone seems to be drinking $6 pitchers of Natty Light accompanied by tater tots and funnel cakes from the built in carney trailers.  
The music is a mix of Southern rock and drinking songs by local bands.  Being music city, Nashville really hosts a higher level of talent than the typical bar band of middle America.  Upstairs is the best version of dueling pianos I have ever seen and two doors down is a honky tonk that looks to be a favorite venue for couples to get into fights.  
I give this bar my highest endorsement, if My Name is Earl was a bar, this would without rival be it.  Paradise Park is best summed up by its bathroom graffiti "Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to drive."

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Erin M. Miller said...

This is absolutely great. You have explored a world that I hope to never see.