Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Choice Signs I've Ignored

With work drying up in the Southeast the blog has become a clip show of sorts.  In this line of work it's necessary to ignore signs.  If I yielded to caution nothing would ever get done, behold signs I've brushed off in the last two years.
Is this some kind of threat? 
Between Vegas and Salt Lake there are some deals on cheap land
Men at work in Sandy Utah
In Spanish Fork Utah, Cows are sticking it to suburban sprawl. I ignored the smell and resumed with the days work.
Houses on Manlove Ave were selling slow even before the recession
Lehigh Acres, FL has a real panther problem... but panthers aren't the worst of the problems
A October storm on Mt. Hood
Unspecified attack animals patrolling a Monroeville, PA home
Rural Pennsylvania Halloween 07'

1 comment:

Erin M. Miller said...

I've oddly seen the panther crossing sign before, but that might be because I attended Eastern Illinois. Eastern's mascot is the Panther so it might be more funny than having an actual panther problem.