Monday, January 26, 2009

Remembering the past by watching it slowly return to the Earth

I can tell the typical Southerner is a person who holds a fondness for the past.  Not clinging to the past or living in the past, but someone who enjoys the history and stories that make up their American experience.  Instead of cleaning up or tearing down things are allowed to stay put as a reminder of what was, for better or worse.  
They are also dreamers, people with a plan but just not enough hours in the day.  How else can you explain the cars on blocks, tarps over roofs, the front lawns littered with aging farm machinery.  This is a land of works in progress that will require more than a four day weekend and a case of Old Style.  
This mix of dreaming and remembering creates a bit of a down home McGyver persona.  A concoction of dreams and random parts makes for the perfect creative environment.  These artists work in the medium of scrap metal and vinyl cling on graphics.
Even with the increased risk of falling through a porch or contracting tetanus I wouldn't have the South any other way.  Every run down abandoned place has a story, like when was the last time someone lived there? When did this town go under? Is this meth lab going to explode?
It's refreshing that in 21st century America there are still differences between places.  In spite of all the homogenized TV shows and music there are still places where I get reminded by a paranoid and intimidating red neck that I'd better watch out because I'm a long way from "Elinoiiise". 

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