Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Regional Chain Review: Skyline Chili

In the heart of the Rust Belt there are far worse choices for a cheap warm meal than Cincinnati's own Skyline Chili.  Straddling the line between fast food and casual dining it reminds me of what another Great Depression could turn Steak and Shake into.  The official chili of the Cincinnati Reds is very much a product of its environment.  You just don't find a place like this originating in San Diego.  
The Rust Belt was once the Manufacturing Belt, where men went to work in dirty places to do dirty jobs and after their shift they sought out some deliciously dirty food.  This blend of beef, broth, sauce, beans and sour cream is unlike anything I've seen.  The secret to the recipe is heavily guarded by the owners.  Some say it's a mix of chocolate and cinnamon, all we know is that it's a rich meal that can be had for cheap.  
I ordered two Coneys and a bowl of 3-way chili.  It had a cinnamon taste mixed with cheese, beef and sour cream.  The hot dogs seemed to be the lowest quality legally available for purchase.  It didn't taste bad but it did remind me of food from another era, which went nicely with the North Dayton neighborhood I dined in.  

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Erin M. Miller said...

You are like a Food Network program gone terribly wrong. Congrats.