Sunday, January 18, 2009

Regional Chain Review: K&W Cafeteria

K&W Cafeteria was created by accountants and institutional chefs.  A bland part of the southeastern landscape, these cafeterias are about a inviting as a hospital dining room.  With all the bland foods and orderly lines the place is borderline communist.  
In K&W Cafeteria... Food Serves You
With the taste of a TV dinner and the atmosphere of a college dining center during summer break K&W Cafeteria is the answer to a question that nobody asked.  My salmon was awful scaly, the broccoli cheese tasted of chemicals.  The people at K&W should market their dinners as "alot of shit for under $12" I'd still give it a chance marketed as such, and at least I'd know what I was getting myself into.  
In spite of the shortcomings I'd give it a chance again.  I broke my rule against cafeteria seafood and won't overlook that rule again.  You just can't argue with that much shit for under 12 dollars... 

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Shannon said...

I just moved to NC not that long ago and have never been to one of these restaurants. I was wondering how they worked. In the world of fast food and all you can eat buffets, I couldn't figure out why anyone would go to a restaurant that looks like a buffet but you can't eat all you want. Is this the equivalent of like a school cafeteria?