Monday, January 26, 2009

Regional Chain Review: Cookout

On a sunny January day of 65 degrees I was being a southerner in Eden, NC.  I had my large domestic sedan, my unshaven unkempt appearance, and was on my way to have a deluxe mid-afternoon snack.  All I had to do was make some sense out of the fast food encyclopedia they have the audacity to call a menu.  
I immediately ask for a minute to look it over, seconds fly by and the best I can do is blankly stare at all that food.  And all of that food being suspiciously cheap.  At risk of blowing my cover as a pseudo-Southerner I went ahead and ordered a Double Burger Tray with fries, a corn dog and a large sweet tea for $3.99 + tax.  During the trek from speaker to window I reviewed my order in my head... do I trust a meal of 4 items, two of which deep fried and consisting of 2+ varieties of processed meat? Not for under $5.  
Too late for cold feet, the folks at Cookout have combated chickening out by installing high curbs on either side of the lane.  Behind me was a beauty school dropout in a well used Chevy Beretta, in front is a retired couple in a Buick, and approaching from the left is the window from which a miracle in value will be served.  
The food kinda blew, no surprise there.  Forgettable burger, extremely well cooked corn dog, gross fries and a delicious tea.  With money being too tight for Cookout to build a dining room I parked near the window for walk up orders.  As I dined in thrift a customer complained to the window about finding bone chunks in the BBQ.  "Now that doesn't surprise me at all" replies the cashier, two points for honesty...  I may give the milk shakes a try later.  With a lay off in my future and a recession in full effect I'm unable to look past value like this.  A visit to this Cookout makes me homesick for my own grilling.  

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Erin M. Miller said...

Again another hilarious review. I am happy to say, I've experienced North Carolina thanks to you. You are like Rachel Ray's $40 a Day. Hmm..Bryce Hervert $10 a Day???