Saturday, December 13, 2008

The end of BryceDrives as we know it?

Maybe... Maybe...  until 2009 traveling will be limited to within the listening area of 93 WXRT

Until then, pull up a chair and enjoy some third rate blogging.

I could lament over the boring awkwardness that life in Woodstock brings, that has to wait for later because I spend every waking moment armed with a shovel, road salt, and an armada of curse words that would leave even the most hardened long-haul trucker at a loss. 
I spend my days stuck in the snow.
This loosely fits the literary scope of this endeavor.  I am Bryce, I drive into snow, and the misery never ends.  Until ships my snow tires I will be that guy sliding around the roadways, spinning out on onramps, and spending time in ditches... day and night.