Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A week in Boston

This the type of town I could spend a few days in, 
Boston the city that keeps the roof blazin...

Will Smith lyrics aside, Boston has impressed me to be one hell of a town.  Back in July of 2007 Boston was my very first Nielsen business trip, and I hated this place.  I blame that entirely on bad traffic and NHTI.  The bad traffic is still here, but this maintenance assignment is turning out to be some real cupcake work.  NHTI was a unbearable project for the hispanic TV networks, maintenance is basically spending a day driving to Cape Cod to make sure an apartment building is still there.  
The hotel was North of the city in Woburn, but with a commuter rail line next door I'm pleased to report logistics did not get in the way of a drunken good time.  A coworker had some friends who lived in the Boston area.  This really helped get a local perspective on the area.  Everything from good bars, the finest in local dining, and even an awkward house party full of stereotypical New England WASPs.  
Marshfield, MA is south of Boston and was a delightfully easy assignment.  The tide pools at low tide are full of small fish that spend the day hiding from seagulls. 
Mike hitting rock bottom...
The plunger tells the story better than I ever could, hope to Christ he doesn't check my blog...

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