Thursday, October 23, 2008

Maine: New England's Wisconsin

I had to drive up to Bar Harbor to check on a few HU's (that's housing units for the non-Nielsen readers).  It ended up being some extremely easy work, just drive up there, make sure the houses are still standing, eat lobster and leave.  
Acadia National Park fell right in the middle of my survey.  It's a beautiful area but there are key indicators that reveal this area is indeed a tourist trap.
A massive ship docked in the harbor is the first sign this place is gonna be chock full of slow moving, photo snapping, T shirt buying tourists.  
The cruise tender boats shuttle the elderly vacationers to buy trinkets and to ask why I'm dining alone.  After I explaining my job I then hear them out on what their favorite shows were, why they think the shows left, and what can be done to get them back.  
The area was amazing but without the time to really experience the place I'm going to have to add it to the list of sights I've visited but haven't really explored.  I need to go back, hopefully before I'm a aging retiree who lives for souvenirs and early bird specials.

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