Saturday, October 11, 2008

Abandoned Asylums = A Great Time

While working in Worcester, MA I saw a particularly sinister looking building in the distance.  I've got a casual interest in old state hospitals, its not the most mainstream thing to be interested in, but its a whole lot better than being into anime or that goth shit.  
These old hospitals are a perfect mix of history, architecture and unpleasantness.  From the mid-1800s to the 1980s these complexes operated in various degrees of effectiveness.  Some were beneficial in treating people, others were basically prisons with doctors instead of wardens.  I just like snooping around these places when I run across one, as they are few and far between.  
A few of the older buildings were being saved but the majority have been leveled, a creepy toothless security guard told me they were preserving some of the complex but had no funding to fix anything.  
Next door to the original state hospital is the "new" complex built in the 1950s.  I stayed away because it was in full operation and teeming with residents.  

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