Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Three out of Five Great Lakes... Not Bad

I score a 60% in my tour of the Great Lakes.  After making stops in Chicago and Detroit my Rust Belt Odyssey took me to Toledo, Cleveland and Buffalo.  These are cities that I'd like to like more. Nothing wrong with them, I just wasn't about to start looking for a realtor.  This area of the country has some of the lowest costs of living, a pretty sweet deal considering my mediocre means.  

The only thing i had previously known about Toledo is that Maxwell Klinger from M*A*S*H* had called it home.  Now I know another thing about Toledo, it's kinda boring.  Clean, friendly, boring...  Pretty much sums it up.

Cleveland has more going for it but has a really weak downtown.  Lake Erie is no Lake Michigan, Cleveland is more of a Milwaukee than a Chicago.  It has the whole Pittsburgh Rust Belt look going on, but Pittsburgh had more character.  

Buffalo was rainy and grey, it was full of Cubans honking horns and walking slowly across the street in a diagonal manner.  The rain got worse and I moved North.

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