Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm so bad I vacation in Detroit

That title is completely accurate so long as you replace vacation with survey and bad with horribly unlucky.  Detroit has been dealt a rough hand for the past few decades. As I arrived at the formerly swanky Residence Inn of Dearborn the mayor of Detroit was being kicked out of office.  Both the Obama/Biden and Palin/McCain campaigns were in town speaking out to unemployed and underemployed residents of this rust belt city.  I hope there is a brighter future for this area but some neighborhoods are a modern day Hooverville.  
I had a good time driving around the city and exploring abandoned neighborhoods.  I felt completely safe because nobody was there, even crackheads have moved on up from the worst of it.  The only other people were hipsters exploring abandoned warehouses and Tigers fans getting a final glimpse of Tigers Stadium before it becomes yet another vacant lot in the neighborhood of Corktown.  
I was shocked at the number of American cars on the road, it was nearly 95% American made.  The area is proud of their hometown companies.  There is even a Ford Taurus exhibit at the Henry Ford museum, they love 3rd generation Tauri.  
From what I saw Detroit was once a hell of a place, I hope the worst of it is behind them.

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